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Bespoke Training

NAPIT offer bespoke training tailored towards a specific company’s training needs. The process of developing a bespoke training programme and if required successfully gaining City & Guilds Accreditation at an extra cost, is as follows:

Stage 1 - Training Needs Analysis and Skills Gap Analysis

A training needs / skills gap analysis is performed to identify the training needs at employee, departmental or organisational level in order to help company personnel or authorised personnel to perform task in an effective manner. The aim of training needs analysis is to ensure that training addresses existing, or potential areas of concern, and is tailored to the organisational bespoke objectives. This will enable the client to confirm a person’s ability and ongoing competency to undertake a given task. This will also help with standardisation.

All candidates will be issued with a ILP (Individual learning plan) to track their learning activities and development progress.

Stage 2 - Technical Development

The technical development of the programme is broken down into three key areas which require consideration as a part of the scoping process.

  1. Learning Objectives (Unit title)
  2. Learning Outcomes (Areas of learning)
  3. Assessment Criteria (Areas of assessment) these can be written, multiple choice, practical, observation and / or simulated assessment on model rigs. (Which again may be built to the companies’ requirements at an extra cost)

Stage 3 - Proposal and Costings

Once the factors in Stages 2 are considered a proposal will be issued with costings for each area.

Stage 4 – Project Plan

When a purchase order is received a project plan is developed. Training and assessment materials are then written to meet the training programme specification as developed in stages 1-3 above.

Existing courses where City & Guilds Accreditation is required.

For existing bespoke training packages such as yours, we would create a specification and carry out a mapping process to ensure that all of the Awarding Organisations criteria is met. If there are any gaps within the development process these can then be analysed and a solution to ensure compliance will be developed.

Stage 5 – Quality Management System

The QMS (Quality Management System) scheme document will be developed, this sets out the documentation relating to administration, training, assessment and IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) of the training programme.

Stage 6 - Accreditation of Training / Marketing

NAPIT Training LTD will liaise City & Guilds Accredited to ensure that all material associated with the training programme meet their strict criteria and is fit for the intended purpose. All successful candidates who have undertaken the training programme will be registered with City & Guilds and certification will be issued, three logos can appear on any accredited certificate (City & Guilds Accredited, NAPIT Training LTD and a logo of your choice).

All marketing activities must be agreed with City & Guilds Accredited prior to being released.

If you’re interested in a bespoke training package with NAPIT training the please complete the form found HERE.